Ali Zangeneh

Ali Zangeneh is an ambitious, intelligent, self-motivated young man who isn’t afraid of learning new things and working hard. For over 10 years, he worked his way up the corporate ladder and he loved his job. He was able to apply his expertise in manufacturing and sales to the medical equipment industry, designing specialized wheelchairs for rehabilitation and pediatric patients. But after a corporate merger, he realized that he needed to work for a company that cared more about its employees and was as invested in him as he was in it.

Ali was introduced to Hometown Hero Appliance Repair through a friend who knew that Ali would be a tremendous asset to any company willing to invest in him. “I wanted to build a career with a company that cares about more than just the bottom line. I was willing to work hard but needed to know that the company cared about me too.” So when Ali learned that Hometown Hero was expanding to Lincoln, he jumped at the opportunity.

When asked if he was hesitant about starting a new job, Ali says, “I knew I could learn this trade. I have a mechanical background and like taking things apart and fixing them. If you know the basic concepts of following processes, you can learn this.” Ali also appreciated the support from Hometown Hero. “I was paid to learn. The management at Hometown Hero invested in me. I had to work hard, but every day was a new learning experience. And if I’m ever stuck or struggling with a job, I can reach out to my team. There is always someone there to help.”

Ali also liked that Hometown Hero is a locally-owned company, unlike the Fortune 500 companies that he worked for previously. “Hometown Hero is smaller than those other companies, but it is an established business, and the owner is people-focused. He believes that if you take care of your employees, business will grow. At Hometown Hero, it’s about what you know and what you can do, not the degree hanging from your wall. If you want to grow within the company, you can make it happen for yourself.”

Ali has applied both his mechanical background and experience working with customers      at Hometown Hero. “I like educating my customers about their appliances – how an appliance was made or why something broke. I understand the position they are in and use my technical skills and emotional intelligence in this career.” And when it comes to job stability, Ali feels that consumer demand makes this a growing business. “The appliance industry is constantly introducing new appliances into the market. There will always be plenty of work.”

And has it worked out the way he hoped? “Yes, I feel great about my career. With Hometown Hero, I have the opportunity to work as much as I want and earn overtime, but my home life is also respected. I like to run, and I have time to do that every day. Sure, some days are long, but when I’m home, I’m home. I leave my truck keys and computer in my mudroom and don’t have to think about it again until the next morning. This career is not about punching a clock. I’m trusted to get my work done.”

If a job as an appliance repair tech at Hometown Hero Appliance Repair sounds great to you too, find a job opening in your area and apply today.