Hometown Hero Appliance Repair Voted Most Professional Servicer in the US!

This January, at the Annual Service Training Institute put on by the United Servicers Association, the appliance repair industry’s premier national association, we were awarded the Most Professional Servicer award.

As our president, Todd Daganaar put it, “We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into the service we provide and how we present ourselves to our customers over the past few years, and we are so proud and excited to see those efforts recognized with this award.”

We’ve felt for many years that we were more than just a service and parts business, and it was that belief that guided our rebrand in 2012 to the “Hometown Hero” image and message. “We wanted to focus on how our techs maintain strong relationships with customers and provide an exceptional service experience,” said Todd.

The consistency of the brand and our follow-through on its promise, evidenced by our many positive customer reviews (thank you all for the wonderful reviews!), helped us win the recognition of our industry peers.

Thank you for helping us win this award! We guarantee this is only the beginning, we will keep striving for even better service experiences.