The Best Appliance Dealers in Omaha, Nebraska

A little advice to save you a lot of money

There’s plenty of reasons to get excited about buying new appliances. Many, like the latest smart fridge, come with fancy features and technology, while also giving you better performance and energy efficiency. But the stress of investing in new technology and making sure you’ve made the right decision can take away from the joy of getting something new.

For one, you’re probably concerned about the cost, and not just of the appliance itself. Delivery and haul-away fees, extended warranties, they all add up. And if your situation is urgent — you need a replacement for your broken appliance ASAP so life can return to normal — you’ll worry about settling for whatever’s available in your local dealer’s limited inventory, even if it doesn’t quite fit your needs. Even if you find the right appliance, the time it takes to search for, buy and receive delivery of your new appliance can disrupt a day at best and a week (or more) at worst. 

Eliminate the immediate hassle and stress by delaying your purchase with a quick, expert appliance repair.

Appliances are meant to be repaired. Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars buying something new, we can get your current appliance in working order at a fraction of the cost. Schedule an appointment with Hometown Hero Appliance Repair. Tell us about your issue. There’s a good chance we can diagnose and repair your appliance in the same visit, helping you get back to normal faster. 

Omaha’s Best Appliance Dealers

By Appointment Only: 6780 S 118th St, Omaha, NE 68137 • (402) 331-0662

Harman Appliance Sales
13405 “C” St. Omaha, NE 68144 • (402) 334-1883

Nebraska Furniture Mart
700 South 72nd Street, Omaha, NE 68114 • (402) 397-6100

Nebraska Furniture Mart also carries a selection of “scratch & dent” appliances. If you don’t mind a little cosmetic damage, they may be worth a look.