Appliance Preventative Care

A little love now saves a lot of money later.

Appliances are complex and expensive machines we can’t live without, so why wouldn’t you give them the same care as your cars and computers? Preventative care for your appliances improves their performance, reduces the likelihood of failures, and extends their life. 

Keep your home running smoothly. Schedule preventative care today.


Dryer vents are the leading cause of house fires in the US, which is why every appliance manufacturer recommends you inspect and clean your vent annually. Removing buildup eliminates the fire hazard and shortens dry times.


The buildup of dirt and dust around your refrigerator’s condenser forces it to work harder to keep the interior cool. An annual condenser cleaning leads to more stable temperatures, fewer breakdowns, and lower electricity bills.


Over time, limescale, slime, and other unwanted deposits build up in the tubes and filters of your ice machine, which affects the quality of your ice. Biannual cleanings ensure the ice in your drink is both clear and sanitary.