Top 10 reasons to accept an appliance repair tech job opportunity

Looking for a job? 10 reasons you should definitely consider a career in appliance repair

A satisfying workplace makes for happier employees, better service experiences and more satisfied customers. That’s what we believe at Hometown Hero, so we have made it a point to build a workplace that empowers our appliance repair techs to be and give their best in every customer encounter.

To make sure we weren’t just fooling ourselves, we asked our techs what makes working at Hometown Hero Appliance Repair satisfying. Here’s what they had to say:

Hometown Hero Appliance Repair Repair technician team in front of branded trucks

  1. Job Security – Nationally, there’s a shortage of appliance repair techs, and here in Omaha they’re in high demand. “I feel needed, like I’m not a replaceable cog. I feel necessary to the company and the community.” Appliance repair is a great career choice, not least because, even with constantly advancing appliance technology, repair careers won’t be sent overseas or replaced by robots. People’s daily lives will always rely on appliances, and repairmen will always be needed to step in and get them back online.
  2. On the job training – Becoming an appliance repair tech doesn’t require years of expensive formal education (and associated debt!), because you can learn from day one on the job. “It’s not all wrenches and common sense, I had to work at it. But I soon picked up the essentials and am constantly learning more – all while working and earning a living. Now I feel like a real pro and know things most people don’t.”Hometown Hero takes pride in training our own techs to the highest standards and encouraging them to go on to become factory certified, which means they are personally recognized by the manufacturers themselves as top-notch repairmen.
  3. Solving problems for people in need – Is there any better reward than meeting someone and immediately getting their life back on track? Our hometown heroes (and our customers) love it when we save the day. “You know what does it for me? The look on their face when their washer starts running again, relief and thanks and even joy. It’s not everywhere you can see the good you’re doing up close. I get home in the evening and feel really good about the job that I do.”
  4. Knowing how to repair your own appliances – One of the biggest and easiest to overlook benefits of being a repair tech is knowing how to fix things when they go wrong in your own house. You’ll save thousands of dollars in all-around repair costs, not just appliance repairs, because the diagnostic and manual skills you learn as an appliance repair tech carry over to many other household problems. “I fixed my own refrigerator the other day. How awesome is that?”
  5. Independent work environment with the support of a full team – Working in the customer’s home and outside of a structured office environment lets our techs set and focus on priorities themselves. Our techs are trusted representatives of Hometown Hero Appliance Repair, and we know they’re experts in their field. “I’ve had jobs where I was micromanaged to death. I love that I have the freedom to just do my job. But if I ever do need backup on an issue, the rest of the team is just a call away. That’s a perfect balance for me.”
  6. Being an integral part of a rapidly changing industry – Today’s appliances are continually advancing in engineering, function, and design. There’s always something new to learn, so if you love technology and machinery and relish new challenges, you’ll find few better occupations. “One thing’s for sure, I don’t get bored. Can’t put a price on that perk.”
  7. Spending quality time traveling around the city – As an appliance repair tech, you’re not stuck at a desk. You can enjoy the great outdoors as you travel from one customer’s home to the next and truly appreciate the great neighborhoods that make up Omaha. “I’m no mole-man, I love that my job allows me to see the sun.”
  8. Exercise – You’d be surprised at how much exercise you experience in a day as an appliance repair tech. All those trips to and from your truck, grabbing parts from the warehouse, working your way around and behind a malfunctioning dryer will keep you limber and strong. “It beats spending your day at a desk, snacking out of boredom and turning to flab while developing carpal tunnel syndrome from hammering away at a computer keyboard.”
  9. Compensation – Being an appliance repair tech just so happens to pay pretty well also, more than enough to support a family and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Just ask our tech, Vince Dussetschleger, how joining the Hometown Hero Appliance Repair team changed his life. The short version is, he was able to quit working two jobs and enjoy time with his newborn son.
  10. Earn your own bobble head – Really! This honor is bestowed on only the longest-serving Hometown Hero appliance repair techs, but if you stick around long enough, you too can be immortalized as a bobble head. Who says bobblehead glory is only for sports heroes? In Omaha, it’s for Hometown Hero Hometown Heroes, too!

Hometown Hero Appliance Repair Hometown Hero Bobblehead

Sounds good to us. Question is, are our instincts are in the right place? Does all that job satisfaction lead to better service experiences? Our loyal customers seem to think it does.

If you think a career as an appliance repair tech might be for you, check out these opportunities now. We want to hear from you!