Dear Valued Customers,

Though vaccination rates have increased and COVID-19 cases have dropped, we remain cautious to protect the health and well-bring of our customers and employees. The following measures are based on current CDC recommendations, but we leave much up to the discretion and comfort level of everyone involved in each service appointment.

  • We’re requiring that any employee who feels sick remain home until they feel better, even if it ends up being only a cold or seasonal allergy. We’re also offering additional paid time off to encourage early medical care.
  • If requested, we will use hand sanitizer before entering your home and wear face masks, disposable gloves, and booties while in your home. If you feel comfortable relaxing our mask policy, please let the technician servicing your appliance know.
  • Finally, we require notice prior to arrival if you or anyone in your household are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have in the two weeks before our visit, even if you have received a vaccine. These symptoms include but are not limited to fever, cough, and shortness of breath. We will ask to reschedule your service appointment for a later date if this is the case. Our technicians have also been empowered to request that an appointment be rescheduled if, when they arrive at a home, the homeowner is displaying any concerning symptoms.

We appreciate you, your business, and the trust you have placed in Hometown Hero Appliance Repair.

Todd Daganaar, President
Hometown Hero Appliance Repair