Maytag Appliance Repair Des Moines

Maytag Appliance Repair for Des Moines


Hometown Hero Appliance Repair services all appliances and provides expert Maytag appliance repair to the greater Des Moines area. To schedule appliance repair for your Maytag appliance, call 515-650-8833 or schedule online.

Factory Trained Maytag Service Provider

Though we choose not to be a warranty repair service for Maytag, this is no reflection on our expertise or the ease with which we repair Maytag appliances in the greater Des Moines metro area. We are factory trained by Maytag, receive all their tech bulletins and service literature, and have decades of experience working on their entire range of products.

Why factory certified Maytag parts?

Thanks to our appliance parts store, we are the best-stocked appliance repair company in Des Moines, with a full line of factory certified Maytag parts and accessories at our warehouse. Your technician’s truck will be stocked with these warrantied parts, and, 4 times out of 5, he’ll be able to repair your Maytag appliance on the first visit.

Des Moines, Iowa
Kevin was very thorough in checking the balance on my washer. Although finding no problems reassured me that if balance does reoccur to call again and there would be no service call applied. Kevin is a very pleasant young man.
Overall Experience
Jeremy F
Ankeny, Iowa
Anthony was professional, polite and even though our problem could not be resolved we were happy with the service
Overall Experience
Des Moines, Iowa
Overall Experience
Linda J Moravec
Clive, Iowa
I’m glad to get my washer fixed. For one small plastic piece and the other part it goes into, I am surprised they were as expensive as they were. If you get your parts from China, maybe you should try purchasing your parts in the United States. You would save yourselves money and your customers money also. On Rory’s first trip to my home, I do not know what took him so long in the laundry/bathroom? He knew the part on the lid that was broken and the part it went into. But he was back there for a very long time for those two small pieces. Just racking up more time?
Overall Experience
Ann Illg
Urbandale, Iowa
The technicians notified me they were running ahead of schedule and showed up when they said they would. Introduced themselves, got right to work, notified me of the problem and cost to fix. Also let me know when they were done. Left the house in good order. I’d recommend them. Thanks Hometown Heroes!
Overall Experience