Dryer Vent Cleaning in Des Moines, IA

Does your dryer vent need cleaning? Hometown Hero Appliance Repair offers Des Moines’s best dryer vent service, including cleaning, repair, and alteration.

Symptoms that your dryer is in need of a professional cleaning:

  • Dryer taking longer than usual to complete a cycle
  • Clothes getting hotter than usual
  • A hot smell in or around your laundry area
  • The dryer is hot to the touch
  • Clothes shrinking more than usual

Why it’s important to have your dryer vent professional cleaned every year:

  • Dryer vents are the leading cause of house fires in the US today, which is why every appliance manufacturer recommends that you clean and inspect your vent annually to prevent buildup of flammable materials.
  • Flexible vent materials made up of plastic and aluminum will still catch fire. Upgrade to hard pipe or semi–rigid piping to help contain possible lint fires.
  • Long dry times and dryers that are hot to the touch are signs of vent blockages.
  • Free annual lint inspection with every cleaning, ask your service technician today!

All vent cleaning comes with complimentary annual inspections, to ensure everything stays clean and safe. Hometown Hero Appliance Repair has the tools and the expertise to keep you and your family safe.

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