Expert Laundry Appliance Service for Home Dryer and Washer Repair

Are your laundry units not working right or straight up broken? Hometown Hero Appliance Repair provides the best washer and dryer repair in Des Moines, and for that excellence we are authorized to service almost all high-end laundry appliance brands. Schedule today and see for yourself why we are Des Moines’ appliance repair company of choice.


A few of the top washer and dryer brands we service:


See list of all washers and dryers serviced.

Symptoms that your washer needs repair: Symptoms that your dryer needs repair:
  • Poor wash performance
  • Noisy during the spin cycle
  • Sounds like something rattling during operation
  • Moving around on the floor
  • Leaking water
  • Giving an error code
  • Taking a long time to dry (this can also be a sign that you need a dryer vent cleaning)
  • Scraping or squeaking noise when the dryer is running
  • Burning smell or unit seems hot to the touch
  • Rattling noise or sounds like something is loose
  • Brown or black marks on clothing
  • Something just isn’t right and you know you need appliance repair

Why it’s important to have your laundry appliances serviced periodically:

  • Dirty or poorly performing washers mean dirty clothes! If your agitator isn’t working, the clothes aren’t getting clean.
  • Little problems become big problems when ignored. Allowing the unit to operate dirty is taxing on all the components of the appliance, resulting in longer runs times on dryers, and components failing earlier.

Hometown Hero Appliance Repair has the tools, the expertise, and the parts to help you keep your appliances running smoothly. Our expert technicians will evaluate your washer or dryer and let you know if changes are needed. If you’re not sure if you need service, call us at (515) 393-4400 and speak to one of our expert technicians for advice.

Hometown Hero Appliance Repair tech servicing Des Moines customer Washer and Dryer repair

Factory Authorizations for Repairs Under Warranty

To have the manufacturer of your laundry unit cover any repairs made while the appliance is under warranty, many require that you use a service company that they have authorized. These authorizations tell you two things: (1) we are experts on servicing that brand, and (2) the manufacturer knows this and trusts us with their washers and dryers. We are proudly authorized to provide:

We are also trained experts at Maytag Repair and Whirlpool Repair, as well as Amana, Danby, Fisher and Paykel, and Roper washers and dryers. Really, our technicians have such a deep understanding of the technology, there is no laundry appliance brand or model they can’t diagnose and fix.

Call (515) 393-4400 or schedule online for laundry appliance service or repair anywhere in the Des Moines metro area.

We serviced a
Model WF45B6300AP/US
Near Ankeny, IA 50023
Job Details: 06/19/2024
"Customer states that the machine is making a thumping noise while it is running. Found that after throwing five towels in the machine and letting it run through a quick cycle that the machine never made any unusual noises during the cycle. Customer stated that it specifically happens more so with heavier loads. customer informed me that she is filling the tub to the max some times. I found that this could potentially be causing the issue, but I cannot confirm or deny. Told customer to take a video of the noise happening because I could not replicate the issue. Job complete"
We serviced a
Near Altoona, IA 50009
Kevin D
Job Details: 06/19/2024
Returned with parts and installed new drain pump. Tested and it is no longer making a grinding noise. Job complete.
We serviced a
Near Des Moines, IA 50315
Kevin D
Job Details: 06/19/2024
Returned with parts and installed new noise filter. Tested and unit is now working.job complete.
We serviced a
Model DLE0442G
Near Bondurant, IA 50035
Job Details: 06/19/2024
Customer stated that unit is making loud noises during operation. Disassembled unit and found rollers broken off on back bulkhead of inside unit. Customer will need roller kit to resolve issues. Customer accepted repair. Job complete. ; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 DELGKIT MAINT KIT
We serviced a
Model DV52J8700EP/A2
Near West Des Moines, IA 50266
Kevin D
Job Details: 06/19/2024
Customer stated that the unit was ripping holes in shirts. Upon inspection it was found that the right wheel was broken and causing a gap between the drum and back of unit and allowing clothes to snag on the metal and cause it to rip. Customer declined repairs. Job complete.; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 DESAMKIT MAINT KIT-SAMSUNG
Des Moines, Iowa
Kevin was very thorough in checking the balance on my washer. Although finding no problems reassured me that if balance does reoccur to call again and there would be no service call applied. Kevin is a very pleasant young man.
Overall Experience
Norwalk, Iowa
Anthony was friendly and professional, quickly diagnosed the issue. Operator error! Took the time to answer my many questions and provided suggestions on pedestals or platform for raising our front load machines
Overall Experience
Clive, Iowa
Overall Experience
West Des Moines, Iowa
Did a wonderful job and completely explained the issue. Would highly recommend
Overall Experience
Jeremy F
Ankeny, Iowa
Anthony was professional, polite and even though our problem could not be resolved we were happy with the service
Overall Experience