Ice Maker Problems and Repairs

Angie’s List recently interviewed Hometown Hero Appliance Repair‘s own Todd Daganaar, in order to answer all of your burning (freezing?) ice maker questions.

Common issues with ice makers include:

  • Failing to make ice
  • Leaking
  • Flooding

“Generally, in any case, the ice maker itself will need to be replaced,” Daganaar says, as few manufacturers make separate parts for them. Thus, when a part in the ice maker assembly is broken, unfortunately the only option is to replace the whole assembly.

“The exception is if the ice maker symptom is being caused by something external, such as poor water pressure in the house, or a failing water inlet valve on the refrigerator.” Before Hometown Hero replaces the entire assembly, we check that the problem isn’t coming from the water inlet valve, water line or fan.

To read the full interview, including the average cost of replacement and ice maker maintenance (to keep them from breaking down), click here.