Refrigerator Condenser Cleaning and Other Maintenance

A semi-annual refrigerator condenser cleaning keeps your refrigerator running smoothly

For preventative refrigerator maintenance to keep your refrigerator running smoothly, the experts at Hometown Hero Appliance Repair offer service appointments to Lincoln residents featuring a condenser cleaning and other routine checks.

Why it’s important to have your refrigerator serviced every 6 months:

Like cars and other complex machinery, refrigerators require regular maintenance to continue performing in peak condition. Cleaning the condenser is a key part of refrigerator maintenance:

  • A dirty condenser disrupts the transfer of heat from the interior of your fridge to the surrounding air, making it harder for your refrigerator to get and stay cold. This can cause food to spoil faster. You can read more about how refrigerators work, and the role the condenser plays, in our article, Why and How to Clean Your Condenser.
  • Dirty condensers mean the refrigerator is more expensive to operate. Lots of wasted energy goes into cooling when the condenser is plugged or blocked, just like wearing a heavy sweater in the summer. Give your refrigerator a breath of fresh air!
  • Little problems become big problems when ignored. Allowing the unit to operate dirty taxes all the components of the refrigerator, resulting in longer runs times and components that fail earlier than they should.

If it has been over a year since you last cleaned your refrigerator condenser and would like to schedule preventative refrigerator maintenance, reach out to your Lincoln Hometown Heroes to schedule service.