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Refrigerator Service from Factory Trained and Certified Heroes

Got groceries that’ll spoil soon? Our Lincoln refrigerator repairmen have the skills and expertise to make short work of any problem, which is why appliance manufacturers and dealers have our heroes on speed dial. Schedule today and see for yourself why we are Lincoln’s appliance repair company of choice.

A few of the top refrigerator brands we service:

Samsung refrigerator repairs LG refrigerator repairs Sub-Zero refrigerator repairs Whirlpool refrigerator repairs  JennAir refrigerator repairs  Frigidaire refrigerator repairs  Kitchenaid refrigerator repairs   Maytag refrigerator repairs

See list of all refrigerators serviced.

Common Refrigerator Problems that Require Repair

Sure, some issues are easy to spot, like a digital readout of 80°F inside your refrigerator or water leaking onto the floor, but some issues are more subtle. Because it never hurts to have some certainty—not only that the issue should be repaired, but that we can perform those repairs—check out the most common issues we get called out for below:


  • There is frost or ice buildup in the freezer, particularly on the back wall
  • There is standing water at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment
  • There are puddles at the base of the refrigerator


  • Food in the refrigerator is freezing or icing over
  • Food in the refrigerator is warm
  • Either too little or too much ice is being produced
  • The digital temperature readout is high or doesn’t seem to match the temperature you feel inside the compartment
  • The sides of the refrigerator seem to be unusually hot
  • Food seems to be spoiling faster than usual

Mechanical / Electrical

  • The refrigerator is running more often than usual and/or is making a lot of noise
  • Doors no longer have a tight seal
  • Drawers, shelves, lights, etc. are broken
  • Refrigerator is making unusual noises

If you notice any of these issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice. Hometown Hero Appliance Repair has the tools and expertise to evaluate, diagnose and fix any issue with your refrigerator, so don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll give you a quote for repairs, and let you know whether it makes more sense to repair or replace.

Factory Authorizations for Repairs Under Warranty

To receive compensation for repairs made while your refrigerator is under warranty, most manufacturers require that you use a service company they have authorized. Our authorizations tell you two things: (1) we are experts on servicing that brand, and (2) the manufacturer knows this and trusts us with their refrigerators. We are proudly authorized to provide:

We are also trained experts at repairing refrigerators by Jenn Air, KitchenAid, Maytag, Whirlpool, Amana, Danby, Fisher and Paykel, Roper and Viking. Really, our technicians have such a deep understanding of the technology, there is no brand or model of refrigerator they can’t diagnose and fix.

Call (402) 399-0606 or schedule online for refrigerator service or repair anywhere in the Lincoln metro area. For preventative maintenance, remember to schedule a semi-annual condenser cleaning.

We serviced a
Model RF23R6201SR/AA
Near Lincoln, NE 68504
Derek F
Job Details: 04/19/2024
I arrived today with the part to complete the repair to the refrigerator. I first disconnected power and water. I then disconnected the old case filter and removed it. I then installed the new case filter and reconnected the water lines. Finally, I reconnected power and tested the dispenser. The refrigerator is operating properly.Thanks for choosing Hometown Hero Appliance Repair.
We serviced a
Near Lincoln, NE 68510
Job Details: 04/19/2024
Installed new compressor due to wouldnt start just buzzed. Now all running good.
We serviced a
Model WRT112CZJZ00
Near Lincoln, NE 68502
Job Details: 04/19/2024
Compressor is locked up. Cost of the repair will exceed cost of unit. Ali!
We serviced a
Model LRDCS2603S
Near Lincoln, NE 68506
Derek F
Job Details: 04/19/2024
Upon inspection the refrigerator had not been cooling properly. I first checked temperatures and got 37°F in the fresh food and 4°F in the freezer. I then confirmed both the evaporator fan and condenser fan were operating. The compressor was running and was not to hot. I finally checked the evaporator and it had a good frost pattern. The refrigerator is operating properly.Thanks for choosing Hometown Hero Appliance Repair.
We serviced a
Near Lincoln, NE 68505
Derek F
Job Details: 04/19/2024
Upon inspection customer wanted a once over of the unit and had heard a noise from the rear. I got temps of 0°F in the freezer and 50°F in the fresh food but customer had just opened it. I then pulled the unit and checked the machine compartment. The condenser fan was running and compressor was as well. I did find evidence of rodents and informed customer. The refrigerator is operating properly.Thanks for choosing Hometown Hero Appliance Repair. ; dspstn on spec-tagged invntry: 1 DA32-00029Q SENSOR TEMP DEFROST and 1 TJ90SH502 DRAIN HTR * SH502
Steve S
Lincoln, Nebraska
Very friendly clean knowledgeable I recommend Ali as a great service tech.
Overall Experience
Lincoln, Nebraska
It took 4 visits, but inow works.
Overall Experience
Lincoln, Nebraska
Derek did a great job! He is very knowledgeable about his work. I would definitely ask for him again!
Overall Experience
Lincoln, Nebraska
He is very professional and knowledgeable. and explained what he was doing.
Overall Experience
Lincoln, Nebraska
Derek was very professional and a very easy person to relate with and talk to. You are lucky to have him on your team. I would think about giving him a raise so you don’t loose him. Fanntastic service!
Overall Experience