Mike Marnik

Before applying to Hometown Hero Appliance Repair (Hometown Hero) on the recommendation of his friends, Mike hadn’t heard of anyone making a career in the appliance repair trade. At the time, he was working as a route salesman / servicer for LaRue Coffee, an equipment distributor in the Midwest. Though he covered five states, the job gave him too little to do and paid him too little to do it. Unchallenged and bored, floating paycheck to paycheck, he wasn’t sure what to make of his future.

Then he met his (now) wife, they had a child, and suddenly he felt a real urgency to find the kind of career that would allow him to give his new family the lifestyle, comfort, and adventures he’d had growing up. His friends at Hometown Hero continued to tempt him with the promise of a much higher paycheck, a work environment where employees are both challenged and taken care of, and workdays filled with customer interactions—something he loves doing and takes great pride in. He knew he had the mechanical aptitude for the job, so it wasn’t long before he gave into his friends’ pressuring and applied.

He hasn’t regretted the decision once. Sure, he was a little nervous to start a whole new career, but he was also excited to learn something new, and the Hometown Hero training program got him up and running quickly. (It helped that he was paid throughout the training and knew he would always have a great support team back in the office.) It wasn’t long before he was out on his own, meeting customers all over the city, diagnosing appliances, educating customers about why their appliance broke, and, after every successful repair, loving the adrenaline rush he got when his customers reacted with gratitude and joy. He enjoyed the camaraderie of his work friendships, both new and old, and found time to hang out with his coworkers outside work (including Todd Daganaar, president of Hometown Hero).

Oh, and he was making double what he made at LaRue.

Hometown Hero Appliance Repair is a fast-growing company, so when Hometown Hero began preparing to service Des Moines, Mike leapt at the opportunity to take on more of a management role to help with the expansion. He bought a beautiful house in Des Moines for his family of five and began tackling the challenge of his expanded role in a new market. Mike still loves the service side of the job, so he still makes time to take jobs around Des Moines, earning more commissions and bonuses for his family.

Asked if he would recommend a career with Hometown Hero Appliance Repair to others, Mike responded: “Absolutely! This is no fly-by-night company. Hometown Hero Appliance Repair has been around for a long time. They take their job and their customers very seriously, and they’re looking to keep growing. I know that as long as I continue to be happy here, there will always be a job with a great salary and benefits for me. And management understands it’s important to keep me and my coworkers happy, so they listen to what we have to say and take our feedback to heart. They are always looking to make things better, and it’s already a great company to work for.”

If a job as an appliance repair tech at Hometown Hero Appliance Repair sounds great to you too, find a job opening in your area and apply today.