Hometown Hero Named Small Business of the Month by Omaha Chamber of Commerce

Though our awards case continues to grow (we’re going to need another room soon!), we value each and every award as proof that we’re fulfilling our mission and saving customers’ days. If you’re happy, we’re happy, and the awards are just gravy. Read on for the full article by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce:

They don’t wear capes or utility belts, nor do they wield impenetrable shields or swing supernatural hammers, but that doesn’t deter Todd Daganaar from referring to his team members at Hometown Hero Appliance Repair as “heroes.”

Hometown Heroes to be exact.

“While many see it as just a tagline, we live, breathe, and operate through those words,” said Daganaar. “Operating a service-based business over the last two years of the pandemic has been essential to our customers and we believe that we really can call ourselves heroes.”

Hometown Hero Appliance Repair (Hometown Hero) is a family-owned and -operated business that was founded in 1988 by Doug and Anne Carlson. In January 2011, the business was acquired by Doug Carlson’s grandson, Todd Daganaar, the current president. Under Daganaar’s leadership, the business has grown an even stronger reputation for excellence with its customers and is proud to have expanded its outstanding service to the Lincoln and Des Moines communities.

“In our industry, customer service and expertise are everything,” said Daganaar. “We strive to provide our customers with an exceptional experience based on our core values: Trusted, Helpful, Efficient, Reliable, and Knowledgeable.”

Every customer touch point is given deep consideration and examined for ways to improve. “From the customer’s experience on our website, to the first phone call, to the completed service appointment, we are constantly putting ourselves in their shoes and going the extra mile to serve their needs.”

While this customer-first mindset has always been front-and-center at Hometown Hero, it has certainly been refined in recent years thanks to the fact that Daganaar himself has worked just about every job at Hometown Hero.

“When you truly understand the frustrations and passions of your employees and customers at every level, you can make something truly memorable, as reflected by our awards and 4.9-star average customer ratings.”

But Daganaar also believes that his first customers are his employees. He’s worked hard over the years to build a culture that emphasizes teamwork, and strives to make Hometown Hero a place where employees feel valued – not just for what they do with their hands, but also for what they do with their minds.

“Hometown Hero invests in industry-leading professional development and training opportunities for our staff,” said Daganaar. “We also go far above what is typical in our industry by ensuring generous compensation for employees while they are training.”

Through this level of professional development, Hometown Hero has empowered their employees to succeed so they can continue to provide the kind of service that’s worthy of the title, “Hometown Hero.”

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