Kenmore Appliance Repair Omaha

Kenmore Appliance Repair for Omaha


Hometown Hero Appliance Repair services all appliance brands and is an authorized Kenmore repair service, providing both warranty and out-of-warranty service to the greater Omaha area.

Why choose a Kenmore Authorized Service Provider?

Kenmore has tested our techs, spoken with our happy customers, and trusts us to provide great warranty repair. And to help us continue to deliver the best service experience for their Omaha customers, Kenmore provides factory training and support to our entire team. In a way, we’re like an extension of the Kenmore brand.

Why choose manufacturer-approved Kenmore parts and accessories?

Thanks to our appliance parts store, we are the best-stocked appliance repair company in Omaha, with a full line of manufacturer-approved Kenmore parts and accessories at our warehouse. Your technician’s truck will be stocked with these warrantied parts, and, 4 times out of 5, he’ll be able to repair your appliance on the first visit.

Omaha, Nebraska
Our serviceman was absolutely great! He went through the steps of getting our electric dryer up and running again and then fixed it. His courtesy and work ethic was substantially better than any other appliance repair people we have experienced before. I would feel confident calling for Derek to come fix our appliances again without hesitation.
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
Appreciate Mark’s advice, he was very helpful!
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
Overall Experience
Darrell and Debbie Foote
Council Bluffs, Iowa
My experience was very good. The tech was pleasant and courteous. He stopped at the entrance and put on his booties to protect our hardwood floors. He was quick and efficient. The thing that I liked best about him, was that he continued to work as he answered any questions I asked him. He came well equipped, on time, and ready to work. Hopefully we have no need of their services in the future, but if we do have any need of them, we will not hesitate to use their services again. My wife who is a realtor is often asked for recommendations for these type of services. She will recommend these people. From the phone call to request them to the final billing they were easy and pleasant to deal with.
Overall Experience
Omaha, Nebraska
The service was very good and I was amazed how quickly they arrived after calling in. However prices are excessively high. I was told I received a courtesy discount. At a quick calculation I paid a rate of $225 an hour and no new parts were needed. Lucas replaced a 50 cent connector that went onto the end of a wire. Sorry but that is excessive over pricing no matter how you look at it. Furthermore i was told that would be charged 3% to pay by credit card. When did it ever become ok to charge consumers for what has always been "cost of doing business." I can think of a fast food restaurant here in town that does the same thing and I no longer go there. This practice of over charging has got to stop!! You will price over price your selves out of business. Although both the young lady I made the appointment with and the tech were very nice and pleasant that only goes so far.
Overall Experience