Sub-Zero refrigerator training session

You might wonder, “how exactly does Hometown Hero Appliance Repair keep their technicians at the top of their game?” Well, that’s a great question. The answer, of course, is training, training, training.

Appliance Repairman Welding

Rico brazes a copper joint during our training session.

Compressor Replacement Demonstration

Brian inspects Darrin’s practice welds

Most recently we sent two of our veteran Sub-Zero and refrigerator technicians up to the factory training school in Fitchburg, Wisconsin to tour the factory, and obtain current best practices for making lasting repairs to Omaha’s Sub-Zs, as well as the repair techniques that will be needed to repair the refrigerators of the future. Alternative techniques were taught as well, including resistance brazing, and non-welded fittings such as Lokring. We also received a crash course in repairs methods for R600 isobutane refrigerant. Our technicians gained so much from the course that they just couldn’t wait to share it with everyone back at the office, so we held a training school in our workshop.

During this workshop our refrigeration experts Vince, Brian, and John led our newer employees through the basics of setting refrigeration torches properly, making a perfect weld, and leak checking finished welds properly. The take away, of course, is better quality work, done by top notch technicians, with training directly from the top refrigerator manufacturer in the world, Sub-Zero. If you need refrigerator repairs, or repairs of any sort, rest assured that our technicians are the best trained, and are trained only by the best.