On-the-Job Training as an Appliance Repair Technician

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If you’re thinking of a career change to appliance repair, look no further than Hometown Hero Appliance Repair in Omaha. As Nebraska’s No. 1 home appliance repair service, we are always interested in hiring talented people to become valued members of our Hometown Hero team.

At a minimum, we require our techs to be able to lift approximately 50 lbs. and have the agility and flexibility to work on all types of appliances, often in confined spaces. We’ll require you to submit to a background check, hold a valid driver’s license, and pass a drug test. Mechanical or technical background or aptitude is a must. But just as important are a can-do attitude, friendly personality, strong work ethic, and willingness to learn and excel. The ideal candidate will not only embrace but will personify our core values: Trusted, Fast, Efficient, Reliable, and Knowledgeable.

We’ve found that technicians from fields such as HVAC and automotive mechanics consider appliance repair a great fit for their existing skill sets, but with a better work environment and chart-topping pay. Appliance repair has a year-round busy season, without the extreme seasonal swings of HVAC or the downward wage pressure prevalent among competing auto dealerships and small independent repair shops. In fact, one recent hire from an auto repair shop said he was earning more as an Hometown Hero appliance repair apprentice than he did as a fully certified automotive mechanic at a major dealership!

When you become an Hometown Hero apprentice appliance repair tech, we offer a three-month self-study program that guides you through comprehensive text and website with interactive videos and quizzes that help build your skills in appliance repair. While you’re studying, you also ride along with a senior appliance technician who gives you hands on experience repairing appliances and working with customers in a real-world setting. The typical training timeframe for a new tech is three months, after which time you start to repair appliances independently, earning commissions and taking care of customers along with your more experienced colleagues.

But your education doesn’t end with your three-month apprenticeship. Training at Hometown Hero is an ongoing process, and we make it a point to keep our techs up to date on the latest industry and manufacturer developments. We routinely review new technical information and repair bulletins, as well as online and offline training from the major appliance manufacturers we work with. We also attend available seminars in the Omaha metro area, and when appropriate we send techs out of state for specialized training. At Hometown Hero, you won’t have to worry about your skills becoming outdated.

At Hometown Hero Appliance Repair, our investment in our technicians is founded on our concern for our employees’ personal development and, frankly, plain old good business sense. Our techs’ expertise has enabled us to provide unparalleled appliance repair service in Omaha since 1988. We’re here for the long haul, and our reputation shows that we do a great job. We invest in our employees’ training and quality of life because we view them as partners in our shared effort to bring heroic appliance repair to the Omaha metro area.

If that sounds like a career move you’d like to consider, check our website for detailed information about available openings and requirements. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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